by Ray Prim



released May 25, 2019


all rights reserved



Ray Prim Austin, Texas

Ray Prim is a Singer Soulwriter based in Austin, Texas. His music takes you back to the days when songs were inspiring, meaningful and thought provoking. His tunes are melody-based short stories that anyone can related to and identify with. It only takes one of his many songs to be instantly hooked. Five words sums it up -
Ear Candy for the Soul...
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Track Name: Without A Paddle feat James Clarke
seen the face of a broken heart
Staring back in the bathroom mirror
had a headache last for 2 to 3 days
Watching the world slowly fall apart
Been on a binge till my eyes felt heavy
Glued to the couch with my eyes on the tele
I walked for miles, made a promise to my family
I prayed to Jesus begging Lawd can ya help me
pulled over cause my skin don’t fit
I’m trying to get there but the law won’t quit
they’re eyes are open but they can’t see shit
I thought they loved me but it wasn’t legit
I chose to walk when know i should have stayed
They crucified me for the things I used to say
Clawd have mercy girl you know I’m trying to change
It doesn’t matter boy your past is here to stay
didn’t do it man i swear on my mama
You got the wrong guy i’m not about the drama
I know she said i did but i wouldn’t arm her
I’m bout respect my man, I learned it from my father
I tried to tell em that I'm kneeling for my bruthas
Used sistas, angry fathers, crying mothers
This ain’t about disrespecting falling soldiers
How many times does this boy have to tell ya
been invincible I’d rather be seen
been to jail before i’d rather be free
Been called a nigger more than once in a tweet
By Same mf wearing jordans on his feet
Stil i
looked around and thought man I’m so lucky
Still i
looked around thought shit’s getting ugly
had my full before and still felt hungry
Last year we said goodbye to baby c’s daddy <rest in peace Toty>
I stopped smoking still i’m trying to get high
I stopped hoping, still i’m trying to get by
been truthful, still it feels like lying
Raise your hand if you feel like I
Do what you do, let em say what them say
Cause we're living in a time where they want you in your place
And the only book that matters is the one in your face
so your phone is your religion got cha preaching everyday
Taking pictures trying to picture the American way
Girl It’s fiction if your fixing what your trying to portrait
Gotta hand full of cards still I’m trumped every day
Got us living in division man ain’t life great